My interest towards current trending technology started 2 years back where I need to search for a laptop for university. I am an electronics engineering student and my field of studies offered me a chance to look at these technologies at different perspective from an end user. The more I learned from all the lectures, the more I am impressed by those innovations and creation which can make lives better. As time goes on, my interest does not fade and reading tech news is part of my daily routine now. Reading reviews from different tech sites have broaden my view towards different things and I hope I can have the ability to share my thoughts on the newest gadgets or innovation with anyone interested. And this is why I am here right now.

This site will be driven by my own interest and I will share whatever I am interested in or what am I using. I own a Windows 7 Asus A43SV laptop, an iPad 3 and a Nokia Lumia 620 currently and you shall expect topics regarding Windows, Windows Phone and IOS from me in the near future until I get my hands on different things. Some general topics regarding technologies will be shared if I find it interesting too.

The vision of this blog is to provide a platform for Malaysians to learn more about the technologies before they spend their hard earned cash on it or to make the most of their gadgets. This will be a long way to go but I would try to reach my target even I understand that it takes time and effort.

About the name? Its just for fun. So this is the little story behind this blog and I would try to update as frequent as I can. Kindly drop any feedback if you feeling to do so. Thanks and  wish you a very good day! Cheers! =)