I am a big fan of Nokia phones from the indestructible 3310 to current Lumia phones. The designs are bold and the build qualities are excellent despite the phones are mostly built from polycarbonate aka plastic. When the Nokia handset division acquiring deal was announced on September 2013, I was shocked and what followed my surprise was my sadness. Once the king of phone manufacturers, Nokia was under its own shadow for some time and the financial reports were not healthy at all. This was totally unimaginable when Nokia was at its peak. Despite I was seeing this coming, when it came true I was truly sorry to hear that. Nokia has sold away the division that defined the company.


The deal is rumoured to be closed by the end of April after obtaining approval from governments of different country. In the latest email from Nokia to inform users about the updated privacy terms and the new name for Nokia handset division: Microsoft Mobile.

Nokia will still keep the divisions such as Here mapping services but they will be out of the smartphone game for years. The hope of Nokia launching a high-end Android phone (sorry Nokia X) will be in vain in my opinion. For now I can’t tell how it will affect current Lumia, Asha and Nokia X lines but I certainly hope that Microsoft will not destroy the values Nokia held for years and step up the effort on Windows Phone after the acquisition. Without the concern on trade secret, new Lumia phones (if the name will be retained) should be able to achieve greater heights and I am looking forward for that.

I found a website with all the phones manufactured by Nokia. You can pay a visit to the site and find the phone you have used before.

 Nokia Museum

So what’s your thought on the deal? The future of Microsoft Mobile? Missing Nokia phones? Feel free to comment about your thoughts.

[Update] The acquisition was completed on 25 April 2014. Here’s the open letter from Steven Elop, ex-CEO of Nokia Corporation and the official press release from Microsoft.