One day when I was browsing eBay, this little thing caught my attention. It’s a hand power dynamo  charger with a USB output to charge phones. As it cost only RM6.00 so I decided to give it a shot. To be honest I never expect this thing to work but I do hope it can surprise me. After sometime this item reached my doorstep and I immediately gave it a try and here’s my review on it.


Dimension & Look

There is nothing special at all with the look of the charger. It is quite small and the handle can be folded in when you’re not using it. It comes in blue, black and green. Here’s the size comparison with a few things so you can have a better idea of how big is it.

2014-04-28 18.59.24


Then I started trying how well it can perform. The USB cable is not provided so I use the cable out of the box to charge my phone. Turning the handle will rotate the magnet inside and a current will be induced. For me, the crank is a little bit too small and I can’t find a good way to hold it properly when I’m rotating it. When the electricity is generated, a red LED will light up. Turning the handle will produce an unpleasant creaking sound, reminding you that the thing is cheap and thus cheaply built.

What matters the most is the charging speed, isn’t it? When I rotating it with moderate speed, my Battery app in my phone gives a reading of 5.31% per hour, which is around 70mAh per hour given that my phone has a 1300mAh battery. This means that In theory I need to turn the thing for 20 hours to fully charge my phone, provided my hands are strong enough. For the sake of comparison, my phone will charge at a rate of 35% per hour when I’m using the normal adapter. In short the thing charges very slow. I also tried to charge my iPad but it can’t be charged at all. After these tries my hand is quite tired not because the thing is hard to turn. It’s due to the size of the handle I mentioned earlier and I can’t get a good grip of it.

You might find this useful if you will go a place without any electricity for days, like camping. However, take note that you can’t use your phone while your hands are busying rotating the crank. This thing will no help if it charges slower than the discharging rate of your phone.


This thing sounds good on paper but the sad truth is that in reality it does work as it should. The bottom-line here is that unless I am totally out of options and I am very, very desperate to squeeze some juice for my phone, then only I will consider to use this. My conclusion? Don’t buy this thing.