How often we come across technical terms when we try to understand our devices or when we want to purchase a new device? They might be totally alien to us and this can be frustrating. Certainly we do not want to waste money on undesired things. Regretting of purchase will be the last thing we want to face. Being able to know more about the technology behind the devices will help us to make a smarter choice, or to fully utilise the devices we own.

So I decided to start this series – Know The Tech .

When I started learning these stuffs I had a headache too. Therefore the motivation behind this series is to let us learn more about techs together. In this series I will try to break down and explain techs in simplest way possible so that everyone can understand. I always believe that tech sites are not for tech-savvy people only. Everyone should be able to join the community and share the fun!

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