Xiaomi_logoHeard of Xiaomi (小米 or little rice in Mandarin) ? If not then you probably should remember this name. Being called as Apple of China, Xiaomi is a Chinese company that designs and produces smartphone, smart TV set and also accessories. They even outsell Apple in China. Why am I so excited over their arrival? Its simple. The smartphones they design are great. Great at specs, great at performance and more importantly great at price. How worth is it? Let’s find out! Mi3 is their 2013 flagship phone and the specs comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was launched around the same time is as below:



You can see that the specs are pretty similar and what’s interesting here is that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cost a whopping RM2000+ and guess the price of Mi3? You can get one at around RM1200 from internet now, which is almost half of Note 3’s price. The only problem we had previously was that Xiaomi is not officially here yet so you might have problem getting support from them in Malaysia. But now its no more! Today Xiaomi has announced that they will enter 10 new markets, namely Malaysia, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam,Turkey, Mexico and the Philippines. They have expressed their interest to come to Malaysia during their events at Singapore (which is the first country they entered outside of China) but it has not been official until now. 

After their arrival we will have more choices on phones. Their smartphone line up is pretty simple. The high-end Mi3, the low-end Redmi and the mid-range big brother Redmi Note is all they have currently. Simple yet having almost what people want. Head to their new international website (mi.com) for more info. Previously their site is xiaomi.com and they just cut their domain to make it even simpler, probably making it easier for those who cannot understand Mandarin.

I’m pretty excited that they are coming and I guess they will do good with that price and great marketing. I hope they can manage to bring down the overall price of smartphones. Some phones are just too expensive. Cheers!