I love Kickstarter projects. The people who raise their fund their seems to understand what we want more than the manufacturers. DouBBleTime is a Kickstarter project for you to enable faster charging with their special made cable. How often we realise that when we plug in our devices for charging in computers or USB port in the car, the device charges very slowly. Sometimes, the device just won’t charge or will keep losing the juice while being charged as the power consumed is too large.


This is where this project stands out. Our USB cables are made for charging and data transferring. According to DouBBleTime, when we connect to a USB port, the port will communicate the device to sync it and charge it. While doing both at the same time, the electric energy reaching the battery will be limited.


After identifying the problem, the solution is simple. Stop the data transferring and you will get more power. DoubbleTime is a USB charging cable with a physical switch to enable charge only or to enable charge and sync by toggling the switch. While enabling the charge only mode, the cable will tell the port that the connected device is not available for syncing so just charging will be enough.

Their results shows that when you use normal mode, the current in the cable is around 500mA and when using DouBBleTime, the current would be around 1000mA (1A), which is twice of the regular current. Translating that to charging time, the charging time can be reduced to almost half.


Other than faster charging, being able to stop syncing means that you can protect your data from being transferred to untrusted devices while being able to charge. The chip inside DouBBleTime also has over current protection to protect your devices against current surges and short circuit.


DouBBleTime come with two options, the Lightning port for iOS devices and micro-USB for the other brands. So basically it is compatible with any device. Make sure you head over their Kickstarter page for more info by clicking here!