Microsoft finally released Files, the official Windows Phone 8.1 file manager app in the Windows Phone Store. Previously they teased that the launch will be in June but in the end it arrived earlier, which is a nice thing after all. A lot of people are asking for this since the launch of Windows Phone 8 but its better late than never, isn’t it?


In this free app, you can access all the files in the phone and SD card memory and in each folders, the number of files and subfolders in it will be shown in the box, which is quite handy as you can know if the folder is empty or not. Clicking on the files will open it with related app. Search and sorting is supported too so that you can find your files easier. By checking the files, you can move or copy files here and there. However, in the process of moving files, you cannot create a new folder. You will have to create a folder first before moving them. I hope they can add that in the new update. You can also rename, delete and share the selected files.


Previously I am using Pocket Explorer and I complained a lot about the speed although it can get things done. After some tries I feel that the official app is much faster and easier to use. It is fast in terms of navigation and moving files. I like the fact that the directory path is shown above, just like what we have in Windows all the time. This help navigation faster and I will be scratching my head to figure out which directory I am in right now.

This app is only available for Windows Phone 8.1 so you can only use it if you are using newer device like Lumia 630 or rocking Developer Preview in your device for the time being. For other people having WP8, you will have to wait for the update. This app is free and in my opinion the other third party paid file manager app will have a hard time competing with this. Click here to download it right now.

App like this won’t you out of your mind but it will remind you that Windows Phone is getting better and better with each update and the feature gap is closing between WP and the other major OS like Android and iOS. I would say the patience from the Windows Phone community has paid off. Having your device improving after more than one year of purchase is a very nice experience!