Everyone loves high-end devices but sadly not everyone can afford it. That’s the reason low-end and mid-range phones are standing strong in the market right now. Low-end phones were crappy, sluggish and more often mostly unusable in the past but thanks to the effort of some manufacturers, now they are much better. Chinese companies like Lenovo and Huawei are among the active players in low-end phone market and Honor 3C is the new entry level phone from Huawei. I got the chance to lay my hands on it and here’s the unboxing and hands on for this phone. Full review coming soon is available now!


The phone came to my doorsteps in a securely wrapped parcel. The retail box of the phone lays inside and the design of the box itself is very nice and convincing. The simple blue box has Honor 3C written on the top and the specifications on the bottom. Honor 3C has 6 colors, namely grey, white, gold, yellow, blue and pink but it seems that the box is all the same no matter what color you choose. I would prefer the box to have the same color with the phone but nevertheless it is still a very well-designed box for phones with such price. Enough of the box and let’s find out what is in it.


Opening up the box will reveal the main character here and under the phone there’s the usual user manual, warranty card, 1A charger, the battery and the headphones. Nothing special here. Going back to the phone itself, the phone is wrapped by a plastic bag like the other items in the box. No screen protector was applied so I can’t do my favourite screen protector peeling this time. Grapping the phone for the first time, I am truly amazed by how light is it. After removing the back cover and inserting the micro-sim and the battery, the phone is still very, very light for a 5 inch phone, almost too light for me to have a good grip. The phone does not feel heavy enough to stay in my hands but it is no big deal at all if you are used to it or you are going to use a case.


The design of the phone is simple and I appreciate that a lot. Less is more, isn’t it? The white model I ordered has a white glossy back and black front. In front there’s the 5 inch TFT-LTPS (thin-film transistor-low temperature polysilicon) LCD screen, the front camera, phone speaker, ambient light sensor and 3 capacitive keys. On the back lies the rear camera, the LED flash and the speaker grill. The volume rocker and the power button is on the right and the left is empty. 3.5mm headphone jack is on the top and the micro-USB charger port is on the bottom of the phone. The back and the battery is removable and it is a dual-sim phone.


Boot up the phone and the HONOR logo is shown before the setting up pages is shown. After a few steps the home screen is brought to me. The Huawei Emotion UI 2.0 is very colorful and the display makes it looks good. For the 1280 x 720 display with ppi of 294, colours are vivid and the display is sharp enough for me. The display is almost too good to be found in a low-end phone. However, personally I do not like the UI that much as I like pure Android experience from Nexus phone more. I will give it a try and tell if the heavy customized UI is worth it or not. Speaking of the screen, there is a gloves mode where you can touch the screen with gloves on. In hot countries like Malaysia it’s pretty useless but you will appreciate it when you go to cold countries where taking off your gloves will be too torturing.


The phone has 2 GB of RAM and a quad core 1.3GHz processor which is quite impressive for the price. I can sense no lag during the navigation of the basic UI, which is quite important for a entry-level phone like this. The phone has 8GB of internal memory and it has roughly 5GB left for users. 3GB of OS and native apps is not that much for current phones given that phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 has more than 6GB of memory that you cannot access. You can add a micro-SD card to increase storage up to 32GB. The battery has a capacity of 2300mAh which is quite large. I still cannot judge the battery life for such short period of usage. I will try it and give more details on it in the full review.

The rear camera is a 8MP shooter and with my few tries there’s nothing special over it. Not too bad but certainly not impressive. However, the 5MP front camera is the one part that it can stand out from the other phones. Again, the camera will not bring you anywhere close to the camera in flagship phone but you can expect to take better selfies for your social network than normal front shooters. One thing I did not expect here is the Face Unlocking feature where you can use your handsome or pretty face to unlock the phone. Early results are quite promising and I would say I can unlock the phone successfully with my face almost every time given that the lighting is good enough. In low light condition the thing will not work well. I will give it more tries and I will see how good it can perform.


These is just my early hands-on for the phone. For the current moment I have a very good experience with this RM499 phone. I will use the phone extensively for the following week or two to tell is it a good choice for you. Stay tuned by following my blog or like my Facebook page for my full review on this Huawei Honor 3C! Cheers!

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