LG has always been in the shadow of Samsung and they are doing great recently to get rid of it. LG G3 is their 2014 flagship and it is very obvious that they put in a lot of effort on this phone rather than tweaking last year’s model.


I like the design of LG G3 a lot and I feel that it is a great improvement over the unspectacular G2. When the phone is powered up, you will be amazed by 2 things. First is the crazily thin side bezels and the second is the 2K ( Quad HD) 2560×1440 display. The pixel density pumps up to 538 ppi, which is much denser than the 1080p display found on Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 with slightly more than 400 ppi. LG is not the first phone with 2K display (the honour goes to OPPO Find 7) but it is the first time we can see 2K display with bezel this thin. However, for most people, 1080p display is good enough for a phone so 2K display might only be appealing for technology enthusiast only.


Its back is an anti-scratch metallic skin which does looks a lot like real metal. LG claims that they want the material to look and feel like metal but having a warmer feel. However, the self-healing back in LG G Flex is not found here as LG says they can’t apply it without making the surface glossy. The ‘floating arc‘ design is tend to help users to have a better grip. LG G3 comes in black, white, gold, red and violet. The gold one looks appealing to me and I love the brushed metal look on it. The other thing is that the volume and power buttons are placed below the rear camera. This has been the standard for LG and I feel that it is not meaningless. People with smaller hands will be able to access to the button easier and the side of the phone will be simpler. In G3, the buttons are smaller but they are nicer this time.


The specs are great here. Packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad core 2.5GHz processor and with 2 or 3 GB of RAM depending on the variant, it will handle everything you throw at it with ease. It rocks Android 4.4 Kit Kat and 16GB or 32GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 128GB with micro SD card. The 3,000 mAh is removable and with wireless charging capability. The specifications is already best and you just can’t simply ask for more. You can do anything with it and battery life should not be a problem at all for that huge battery. The only thing I might want to add in the rapid charge capability but then LG has already offered a great package in LG G3 and the lacking of the feature will not change my opinion on it being a solid phone.


This phone comes with laser (who doesn’t love laser?) but sadly you can’t use it as a lightsaber. Notice that there is a black spot beside the back camera. It is a infrared laser to achieve faster focus time and this is where the camera of LG G3 stands out. HTC One M8 and GS5 has focus time of 300ms and LG G3 boasts a 276ms focus time with the help of laser auto focus. Not that we can really notice the 0.024 second difference but its a good thing that LG has came out with their own technology to compete against the other top players. The laser technology is developed by the robotics vacuum division to measure the distance between the vacuum and objects but sadly it was not used for some reasons. Then the mobile division learned about it unintendedly and they have put it into a good use. However, you cannot double it as a laser pointer and the laser is no visible. LG packed in a 13MP rear camera with OIS (optical image stabilisation +) which performs great in G2. The front facing camera has a 2.1 megapixel sensor and a larger f/2.0 aperture for better low light selfies. You can take selfies without reaching the shutter key. By gripping and releasing your fist, a count down timer will be started and photos will be taken.

The other improvement includes the stronger 1W speaker which can be boosted to 1.5w. It will be better than average but it  is still at the back. Thus it probably just can’t beat the front facing BoomSound speaker from HTC yet. For software, LG also release a new flat UI with the intention of keeping things simple during the designing. The keyboard can be resized to fit your finger size and preferance too. For accessories LG has announced  the QuickCircle case which has a round opening in the middle. You can perform task like making calls on it without opening the cover. Nothing too special over here except the fancy round glass in front.


LG has certainly stepped up their game this year. LG G3 is well designed phone without any major flaws. With great marketing I bet this phone will have good sales but the problem is that LG is not really good at that. In Malaysia, you can hardly find LG devices here as if LG has abandoned here. LG G3 is an interesting phone but it may means nothing if it is not available here.

[Update] LG has confirmed LG G3 will come to Malaysia.