Nokia phones are famous for the build quality and the durability, especially the indestructible 3310. It seems that falling to the floor is just a piece of cake for the phones made by the company. You can literally abuse your Nokia phones by dropping them again and again and they are still working.


I thought that phones functioning perfectly after being submerged in water for 3 and half months is quite impressive and it turns out Nokia never fail to surprise us. This time, its a story of a Nokia Lumia 520 with a bullet.


A policeman from Brazil encountered a robbery at his own parents’ house when he visited them. The two robbers took his parents as hostages and took away what they want. Before they leave, they fired twice at the policemen where one bullet missed and the other hit the Nokia Lumia 520 in his pocket. The phone took damaged as shown in the picture but the policeman himself are safe from injury, so as his parents.

Moral of the story? Equip yourself with Nokia phones while going to danger areas? Not really. However it shows how well the phone can cope under unnatural physical impact. I hope that the tradition of good build quality of phones will be remained after Nokia handset division being acquired by Microsoft.