OPPO is a phone manufacturer from China and they were making a lot of noises in Malaysia lately. Their products can be seen almost everywhere. Today, OPPO has launched two of their new 2014 flagship phone in Malaysia, OPPO Find 7 and OPPO Find 7a.


Find 7 is the first smartphone to have a 2K display (2560 x 1440) with a mind-blowing 538 pixels per inch. This is the highest pixel density ever seen before and the bezel is quite narrow too. Other than the impressive display, there are a few features worth taking note too. First of all is the Ultra HD mode in the camera app. It is a software trick where the phone will take 10 full size photos with its 13 mega pixels camera and combine them together. The result is a 50MP photo with lots of details captured. Early hands on reveals that this mode is actually working as it advertises but do not expect it to compete with the details provided by the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020. Taking photos in this mode will require you to hold your phone still for some time as 10 photos have to be taken. Any shake will result undesired result. However, it is still quite impressive with the innovation OPPO did with the 13MP camera which can be found in smartphones quite common lately.

The other special feature is the Rapid Charging battery where charging 5 minutes can handle 2 hours phone call and a 30-minute charge can get Find 7 to 75% of the capacity. Given that the battery size is huge, this is really impressive and you shall have no problem with battery life at all.

Find 7a is a slightly lower spec phone to target people who want flagship specifications phone at a lower price. Do take note that Find 7a’s specification is actually comparable to other flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S5. Its just that Find 7 has a very outstanding hardware. The specifications for both phones is shown below.


Last but not least, the price is announced too. OPPO Find 7 is priced at RM1998 and OPPO Find 7a is retailed at RM1598. Given the high-end specifications, you might need to have a look at these brothers if you happen to be searching for a flagship phone with reasonable price tags.