Typing on tablets is never an enjoyable experience. The on screen keyboard is nice for short typing but it might be difficult to type long essays or reports on it. Connecting it to a keyboard will solve the problem but Bluetooth keyboard are not cheap at all. Sure you want to be more productive with your iPad and here’s how you can type with a normal USB keyboard on iPad!


First you need to have a Lightning to USB Camera adapter or 30 pins to USB Camera adapter cable for older devices. One end will fit in to your iPad and the other end will be a female USB head for you to plug in your USB keyboard. This cable is meant for us to copy photos and videos from iPad to USB thumbdrive or vice versa.  You can get this cable from the Internet with a very low cost.


After plugging in the USB keyboard your iPad will show an error message stating that the device is not supported. Click ‘OK’ to proceed and guess what? Now you can type with your keyboard without any problem! The keyboard used here is a Logitech K120 USB wired keyboard but any similar keyboard should work just fine. However, wireless keyboards and mouses are not supported on iPad. iPhone users should be able to use this trick as well.


Of course things are not perfect here. The error message shown above will appear from time to time even though the keyboard works just fine. The other thing is that I could not change language during typing with the keyboard and since the on screen keyboard is not shown any more, this can be a trouble for users that do that often. However, I feel that these are tolerable as typing with a normal keyboard is a better experience. The on screen keyboard can never win the fight. Apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Microsoft Office trios are becoming far more useful. (You need a Office 365 subscription to edit files in Microsoft Office for iPads)

You can make your iPad more productive this way with very little cost. If you work on your tablet a lot, you might want to consider this rather than the expensive Bluetooth keyboard. Cheers!

Credits to my friend, Ting Sheng to share this and lend me his cable and keyboard. Thanks a lot!