Do you ever know that you can request for a full refund for the purchases you made in the App Store? Apple allows this to happen if you feel that the product you obtained is not as advertised or the purchase is unintended. This is quite useful if your kids like to mess around with your devices. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Open iTunes on your computer and click on iTunes Store button on the top right corner.


  • Click on the button with your Apple ID on the top left corner and select Account. You might have to sign in to your Apple ID here.


  • Scroll down and search for Purchase History and click See All.


  • In the secured page scroll down and click the Report a Problem button.


  • You will be shown a similar page like just now but now beside the price there will be a Report a Problem button. Find the purchase that you wish to request for refund and click the button.


  •  You will be brought to a page in your default browser and you will be prompted to sign in your Apple ID again. After that the purchase you are reporting will be shown. Click on the dropdown menu to choose related problem and key in your situation in the text box. Click submit and you will be asked whether to request for refund or not. Select it if you want to do so.


My Experience

I purchased an app and I found out that it does not work as it shown in the description and its promotion video in the page. So by using this way I applied for a refund and my request was approved immediately. After I clicked on the request for refund, a message came out and it informed me that my request was approved and the money will be refunded to the way I purchased it (via credit card or iTunes gift card credit). Then I received an email almost immediately to inform me about the same thing. For your information I used iTunes gift card credit to do the purchase and I got the refund back in less than 4 hours. I am not sure if it will be that fast if you used credit card but regardless of the speed, you should be able to get your money back if your request is approved.


I have no idea how Apple evaluate the request  but my experience on it is positive and I felt that Apple has protected us the consumers and thumbs up for them. However, things will get more complicated if the purchase was older than 90 days. You have to report individually but in my opinion, this is quite fair for the developers. There must be something fishy if someone is applying for refund after using the product for such a long time. The app in your devices will still work although no future updates will be available. So please use this wisely and make sure you don’t abuse the policy that is supposed to protect us.