If you are using Google Chrome as primary browser on your computer, this is what you must have a look. Chrome app launcher is a small program for you to access to the Chrome app right from your desktop, if the app is from “For Your Desktop” collection. It is available for both Windows machines and Macs. This thing is not new at all but it seems that a lot of people are not aware of it.


Think it as a hub for all your Chrome Apps. So whenever you download or install new apps that is compatible with Chrome App Launcher, it will be placed in it. So if you pin the Chrome App Launcher on taskbar (for Windows) or on your Dock (for Mac), you just need a few clicks to access these apps very quickly and hassle-free. You will need to sign in to the Chrome browser for some apps to work as they are linked to your Google account.There is also a search bar on the App Launcher where you can perform Google search or search for apps in the Chrome Web Store.

For most people, we will not use the other Chrome Apps that often but Google Services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps are available as a form of Chrome Apps. So this App Launcher will be very useful if you are using any Google Services. There are a lot of useful Chrome Apps that can work offline too and you can visit the store to search for them. The number of apps in the launcher is not limited and after the first page is full, the rest will go to the new page.


For me, I pinned the Chrome App Launcher beside my Windows Start button (I’m still using Windows 7) as I find they both perform in a similar way, where one is for normal programs and the other is for web app and Google Services. I love it since the first day I installed it and I totally cannot imagine how inconvenient would it be if its not there any more.


You can click here to install Google Chrome App Launcher and if you have any doubt you can visit the help page too. I would highly recommend you to give it a try as its cost you nothing at all. Your only problem after that might be the same with me, which is can’t quit using it.