When we first bought our phone or tablet, the first thing we are going to do is to buy a case for it. Some people want it for protection and some people just wish their device to look different with others. But then is the extra layer of bulk on your phone necessary? Well, it depends on who you are and let’s find out if cases are needed. We will look at how to take care our device too.

I need a case!

I am careless!

If you are a very clumsy person and you drop your device all the time, please get yourself a case because smashing an expensive thing is not a clever thing to do.  But bear in mind that not all types of case can help your device against dropping. Typically thin and hard cases can prevent scratches but cannot protect your device from the impact of dropping. Only soft material is able to absorb the impact energy. Case that cover only the back will not do you any good when your device fall with the screen facing down.  So the bottom line here is that unless you are using a correct casing that can absorb the shock and cover the front, the protection you gain is probably only against external scratches.

I hate scratches!

Who loves scratches? No one. Speaking of scratches, sometimes we place our devices with other things like keys in our pocket or bag and those things will scratch our device body and the screen. This is true for the body of the device as it is not scratch-proof.We will come to the screen later. We will see scratches over the devices after some time of use unless you baby your phone carefully even with the case on. Its very common for people to change case and ironically sometimes its the case which damage the device as the cases are tight. Make sure you are gentle in the process of installing and removing the case. Moving parts in the case might scratch your devices too. For example, my iPad was damaged by the Smart Cover. ( New smart covers have the metal part covered so there might be no problem with them.


My Case is Nice!

Well, you probably won’t stand out in the crowd if you are using the same model with others. No worries, problem solved with cases. Cases can show your identity and taste. If your phone’s design is unspectacular, you might need want to cover it with a case with better design. But please do not use cases with the shape of a human ear like the one below or something else weird. Its just too awkward!


My Case is Smart!

Some cases can provide extra functionality to your device. Flipping over a Smart Cover will unlock iPad automatically. Samsung S View Cover allows you to use your phone without unlocking it. The most useful case in my opinion is the Type Cover for Microsoft Surface tablet where its actually a keyboard. These cases will make your devices smarter and easier to use.EF-CN900BWEGWW-55083-0

I Love Changing Devices!

If you are upgrading your devices very often, you will resell your old device and an unscratched, well-maintained devices will have a better resale value. But if you plan to use your device for a long time, most likely when you want to sell it the price will be quite low and having some scratches will not really affect it. Imagine you are selling a 3-year old Samsung Galaxy SII, the price won’t be too sweet even its perfect.

I Don’t Need a Case!

I Love the Design!

For devices like iPhone 5s and HTC One M8, the phones themselves are gorgeous and sexy. So why do you cover the beautifully crafted artwork with a case? For the case of HTC One M8, one of the main selling point is the premium full metal body and I see no reason to cover it with a case. Even Samsung had put in effort in material used. The touch of the faux leather back in Note 3 is certainly better than typical  cases. Designers spent hours and hours to decide the look, the material, the feel in hand and the manufacturing ways for the devices. The hard work behind every devices are unimaginable. For me its quite a irony that you use a case so that you won’t damage the good looking phone body and yet the design of the phone is covered by the case.

Who need cases when you can replace the back? Some phones like my Lumia 620 has replaceable back and I can easily change them if I want. This will omit the need of a back case as I can replace them if they are scratched. However, I have no scratches for my both of my black and blue replaceable back after using them for a year.


Cases are Bulky!

Who doesn’t like light devices? So why add the bulk on your devices ? Phone nowadays are getting larger and when you add in a case, the chance you drop it will increase. The front cover of the case are irritating too when we want to hold the device up. When taking photos, the front cover will always be a trouble and making the phone hard to grap and making the photos shaky.


Cases are Expensive!

We know that usually cheap things aren’t good and good things aren’t cheap. This is true for cases. Most of the time the more you spend, the better protection you get. You can get cheap cases online (what I am doing now) but the quality can never match those cases in the stores with high price tags. Cases can cost up to hundreds, which is insane to me. Its like almost 10% of the price of the devices!  In the end you might spend more on cases than the cost of replacing the chassis of the phone.

The Heat!

Sometimes when we are using the devices, the CPU inside is doing a heavy job and it heats up our device. We know that heat is never good for electronics lifespan. Over heating the devices, in the worst case, will kill the whole thing. As most cases are not metal, they are usually heat insulators. Having a case will reduce the ability of the device to dissipate the heat into surroundings and this will do no good to your device. If you have to use a case, make sure you remove them when you are playing games or charging the phones as usually doing this will generate some heat.

My Device is Strong!

Over the years, the durability of devices have been improving as consumers are asking for it. For better device, the screen is usually covered by Corning Gorilla Glass which can hardly be scratch even under torture, literally. Click here to know more about Gorilla Glass in my Know The Tech series. For the back of the phone, LG G Flex has a self-healing back and it claims to have the ability to recover tiny scratches on its own. There is no word from LG on how they did it. Review showed that the back can really recover the scratches, provided the scratches are not too big and not too deep.


The Verdict

For me, I don’t really see that there is a need for a case unless it can provide some extra functionality to my device. I don’t upgrade my devices that often so resale values is not really an issue to me. If the scratches that accumulated over time is getting eye-soar, by that time I might consider a case to cover it up. From now, no case for me. What about you? Vote here to share your opinions on cases!