Apple announcing iOS 8 is a big news today but let’s not forget about the lovely Windows Phone. Microsoft has released a new minor update to Windows Phone 8.1 after the first one in May. This update is around 21MB and will bump up your device from OS version 8.10.12382.878 to 8.10.12393.890.


No update log is provided from Microsoft but some users are reporting that settings like Quiet Hours are available around the globe, not limited to US as previous. I will update here if there is anything new discovered. During the update process my phone get warmer than usual. Even such small update the phone seems to take a long time to update it everytime and this is my only small complain on it. However, having frequent updates is a good thing as it shows Microsoft is committed to Windows Phone. My Lumia 620 has poor battery life after the first update so I hope this update will improve it.