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Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi Power Bank Review

I got the 10400 mAh Mi Power Bank as mentioned in the unboxing of Mi3 and I am been using it for some time. So here’s my thought on it.

[Update] Xiaomi Malaysia had increased the price of 10400mAh Mi Power Bank from Rm36 to Rm49.


What’s In the Box

There’s only 3 things in the package, the power bank, micro-USB cable and a manual. Apparently with the RM36 RM49 price you couldn’t expect they will pack in an adapter here. I like that flat-type cable which won’t get tangled easily. The power bank is quite compact for its capacity and the anodised aluminium feels great and substantial in hand. The aluminium body will probably help to get rid of the heat faster than normal plastic cases and this should increase the life span of the battery as heat is bad for battery. I feel that it is well-built and the simple design is just awesome. Its just a simple piece of aluminium with Mi logo on it.

Currently there is only silver color available officially but you can buy the optional colourful rubber case if you feel that you power bank looks boring while giving it some protection at the same time. After searching at quite a number of places, one of the cheapest and most convenient way to get the cover is through eBay where you can get one around RM6 for 10400 mAh model and RM5 for 5200mAh, both with free shipping to Malaysia. Make sure you check the dimension or confirm with the seller so that you will not get the wrong one. For myself I am happy enough with the original look so I din’t think of getting one.


There are a micro USB port to charge the power bank itself and a USB port to charge other devices. The charging port has a output current of 2A, which is great. Fun fact here is that the adapter given in Mi3 is a 1A charger so you can charge the phone faster with this power bank. There are also a button and 4 white LED lights to show the remaining power. Every light will represent around 25%  of the capacity. So if you have 50% to 75% power you will have 3 LED blinking when you press the button. The brightness of LED are just fine, not too bright to kill your eyes in dark and not to dim too in bright places.



The most important part is performance, isn’t it?  As it is a 10400mAh and Mi3 has a 3,050 mAh battery, by pure math we should able to get 3.4 cycles right? But the truth is that there will be power lost during the energy transfer from the power bank into your devices. Xiaomi claims that it will have “up to” 93% of conversion rate but it is not true for my case. (Read the update below for more info.)

Based of my tries, with a fully charge power bank I can charge my Mi3  for 2 cycles plus another 30%, which is around 7,000mAh in total. Xiaomi claims to achieve 2.5 cycles so the result is pretty much the same here. I also tried it on my third generation iPad which has a 11560mAh battery and the power bank can charge from 2% up tp 63%, which also gives a total around 7,000mAh. During these tries I did not use the device but of course the power consumption will not be zero so there will be a slight difference for different devices.


In short, the power bank has a capacity of 10400mAh and an efficiency of around 70%, which can give you roughly 7,000mAh worth of juice. But you stay assured that this value is already much better than most of the power banks we have in the market right now.

[Update] One of the reader Alex Choo had pointed out the 93% efficiency is valid. Typical Li-ion battery holds charge at 3.7V and output at 5V so that it can charge the device with a 3.7V battery. So the calculation will be 10400mAh x 3.7V/5V x 93% = 7157.28mAh, which is close to the test result. So the claim is true. Thanks Alex Choo for the tips!

The charging speed is just what you expect from a 2A charger, which is fast. Nothing much about it. The other thing is that this power bank can charged and charge other device at the same time. Bypass charging can only be done in very limited number of power banks and this will come in handy when you don’t have enough power sockets, especially during travel.


Xiaomi claims that there are 9 layers of protection built for this power bank so in terms of safety for you and your devices you should be secured. I can’t really evaluate this but I have not heard any unwanted incident with the original power bank before.


There will be complaints about the fact that only one colour is available and only one charging port is available. But in my opinion, you just can’t ask for more with the RM36 RM49 price. It is definitely the best deal you can get. If you are searching for a power bank, just get this. I am wondering how can they manage to sell it at such a low price.

The only problem for me is the difficulty to get one from Xiaomi Malaysia. Scalpers are hiking the price and there are a lot of fake Mi Power Bank in the market. There were cases where the fake power banks caught into fire by its own. I would advise you to get from Xiaomi Malaysia  for the sake of your wallet, your warranty and more importantly, your safety.


  1. Thanks for the review! However it managed to charge my Z2 for 2 times, and there’s still abit of juice left. Guess 7000mah + clean capacity is legit 😀

  2. “[Update] One of the reader Alex Choo had pointed out the 93% efficiency is valid. Typical Li-ion battery holds charge at 3.7V and output at 5V so that it can charge the device with a 3.7V battery. So the calculation will be 10400mAh x 3.7V/5V x 93% = 7157.28mAh, which is close to the test result. So the claim is true. Thanks Alex Choo for the tips!”

    You forgot that the 7157.28mAh is at 5V while the battery inside your handphone is also li-ion 3.7V, so the 5V * 7157.28mAh would become 3.7V * 9672mAh when it enters the battery.

    However the total efficiency of the entire chain IS around 70% usually. This is because from the 3.7V in the powerbank to 5V conversion is let’s say 90% efficiency. And then inside the handphone the charge circuit converts 5V to whatever charging voltage again, say it is another 90% efficiency. And then batteries themselves have this thing called charging efficiency, meaning not all the power that goes through them goes to charging the battery, some is lost as heat. Let’s say this is another 90%. So in the end of all the energy drained from the powerbank battery around 70% goes into the battery in the phone to be reflected as how full it is.

  3. i hv charged the powerbank for 6 hours .lights are stable.nw but ..all led lights starts blinking when i press on/off button…bt my mobile is not charging after connecting with battery charging indicator starts..can any one help… me.out

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