These days most of us own a 64-bit Windows machine but most of our applications are 32 bit versions which are utilizing the x86 architecture. This includes the 32 bit version of Google Chrome but that will not be the case anymore. Finally, Google is making the 64 bit version of Google Chrome available to public in beta. However, I cannot help but wonder why it took so long for Google to make this happen.


The new 64-bit version of Chrome should be able to fully utilize your powerful hardware as it can address more than 4GB of RAM as opposed to its 32 bit counterpart while taking full advantage of newer processors. The expected result was some fairly good speed improvements and reduction in the chances of freezing or crashing tabs.  Personally, I have tried the new version but the speed improvement is barely noticeable as there were no problems with it previously. Responsiveness was never an issue as well but for those who are facing sluggish performance this version might be able to help.


Be warned, since the browser is still in beta, you can expect to be facing some bugs. If you are working on confidential matters, it is not recommended for you to try as we are not sure if there are any security loopholes in this beta version. The other problem is that the 64 bit version of Chrome is only available for Windows 7 and 8. Macs, Windows Vista and Windows XP users are shown no love yet. (If you are still using Windows XP, please upgrade to a newer version as it is not supported anymore)

You can get your copy here if you wish to have a taste on 64 bit version of browser that we all know and love. Having it in beta hints that the official version is will be available quite soon so if you have concerns over bugs in the beta, you can wait for the official version anyway.