Truthfully, my iPad has been very useful for my academics because having notes in my iPad means that I do not have to carry books and photocopies of my lecture notes around wherever i go. There is also extra knowledge to be picked up via iTunes U. The web-based lectures in the app are really helpful and very informative.


However, I’ll admit that the iPad is not the cheapest tablet you can get. Luckily, Apple has make iPad more budget friendly for both students and teachers. Since the end of May, Apple has made education pricing available for all iPads. I do know that it has been quite some time but I do feel that this is still worth sharing. Previously this policy is only applicable for Macs and extending it for iPads is definitely beneficial for those who are really itching to get an iPad.


While Macs are getting discounts ranging from RM100 to RM650 in the Malaysia Apple Online Store, the discount for iPads is understandably much less. The iPad Air, regardless of any storage size and connectivity option (WiFi only or WiFi+4G) will be having a discount of RM100. All iPad Minis with Retina Display will be RM70 off. Older models such as the iPad with Retina Display (4th generation) and the iPad Mini will both be RM60 off. The discount will vary for different countries so you can check the online store for your location for more details.


This education price is offered by Apple itself and you can only get it through the official online store and this promotion cannot be found in other resellers. Accessories such as cases will not be eligible for discount. Shipping will be free if you are getting iPad or Mac. You can opt for the free laser engraving on your iPad to make it more personal.


For Malaysians, you can click here to access the official page to learn more about it. For people from the rest of the world, go to the Apple Online Store of your country, scroll to the bottom and search for “Education” to access the Education price store. So in case you are getting iPad for education purposes, you know where to get it for the cheaper price. If you are not studying or teaching, simply find anyone close to you who are willing to help you. Just make sure you buy him or her a cup of coffee later.