Cortana is Siri’s and Google Now’s counterpart in Windows Phone which was introduced in the Windows Phone 8.1 update. While still being in beta stage, Cortana certainly has a few tricks that the others cannot perform, such as singing a song for you. In the Brazil World Cup that ended yesterday, Cortana picked up another trick, predicting the winner for the games.

Cortana is powered by Bing from Microsoft so, to be exact, the prediction is done by Microsoft’s Bing prediction engine. This feature is added to Cortana after the group stage of the World Cup. Ask Cortana who will win the game and she will give you the prediction from Bing.


Cortana’s record was perfect until the third placing game between Brazil and Netherlands. She favoured Brazil but Netherlands beat Brazil 3-0 instead. However, apart from this match, Cortana had got all other predictions correct, including the final which fired Germany to their fourth World Cup (Congratulations to Germany!). Getting 15 out of 16 is still very, very impressive.

Here is a response from Microsoft on how they do it


You can click here for the full post. It is amazing that the predictions can be so accurate. But do not just rely on Cortana on betting the game in the future. The ball is round and anything could happen on the field.