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Xiaomi Steps into Wearables Market, Introducing Mi Band

While the launching of Mi4 is grabbing all the headlines, Xiaomi has also launched another product that might interest you, the Mi Band. No, the Mi Band is not a group of musicians but a fitness tracking wrist band. This marks the first step taken by Xiaomi into the wearable products market. The Mi Band can track your movement and count your steps while you are walking or running and you are able to look at your stats on your phone later so that you can make sure you hit your daily exercise target. It can also monitor your sleeping pattern.


If you are not an active person (you should be), the Mi Band can also provide some other functionality for you.  When your phone receives a call, the Mi Band will vibrate and flash its LED light to alert you. This will be useful when your phone is somewhere else or you are in a noisy place. It will also work the same way for alarm too. This is more useful than you think when you do not want to wake up everyone else in the room with your alarm.


When your phone detects the Mi Band on your wrist in close proximity, the phone will unlock itself without having you inputting password. You do not have press the power button and swipe to unlock either. This will save you some time and make your experience on the phone even better. It will be coming in 6 colors. The best part is that if you have trouble choosing the right color, the band is exchangeable and you can opt for a leather band too.


It can last 30 days on a single charge, which is admittedly pretty impressive. This is great as charging a phone everyday is already not a real convenient thing to do, taking care of battery level for another device is just intolerable for me. It is also rated at IP67, which means that it is dust and water resistant. (Click here to learn more about water resistance and IP ratings) This means you never have to worry about it during your sporting activities.


The best part of the Mi Band, or almost every Xiaomi product, is its price. Each Mi Band will cost you only RMB79 (RM40 or USD13). This is almost crazy as I have not seen any fitness band priced so low before. I think Xiaomi has made its direction clear. The Mi Band is a companion to your phone and it is almost nothing without a phone working with it. It synergies and expands the functionality of your phone which overall simply improves your mobile experience. The only catch is that the Mi Band would work only with Mi4 which is launched today and Mi3 only. This is quite reasonable as Xiaomi definitely wants it to be an attraction to its platform.

So if you happen to have a Mi3 or getting a Mi4 soon, I think you should get one for yourself. It might be slightly awkward for those who wear watches but I think it is totally worth it. I do hope to get one to review it but there is no word on its availability yet.

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  1. Really helpful review defiantly going to get one for the Mi3

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