Google Chrome is a lot of people’s favourite browser on computer, including me. I like it so much due to the plugin support and the integration of Google services. Google had released the 64 bit Google Chrome in beta version to the public earlier. Not long after that, they decided that it was ready and thus they release the stable build to everyone right now.


You can click here to download the 64 bit version of Chrome if your machine can support it. At this moment, it is only available for 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows 8. For computers running Mac OS, Windows Vista and Windows XP (Please stop using Windows XP!), 64 bit Chrome is ready yet. While Mac should get it later, the older Windows might be out of luck. Make sure you click on the right version you want before you download it.

The improvement brought by the 64 bit version of Chrome is faster speed and enhancement on stability ans security. Google claimed that the 64 bit Chrome will improve performance on graphics and media. The example given is YouTube video decoding will be 15% faster. I had been using the beta version ever since it was available and to be honest, I cannot tell there is any improvement on speed as Chrome has been quite responsive all the time. However, who does not welcome improvement on stability and security? So please grab it if your computer can support it!

[Update] Google has announced that the 64 bit Chrome for Mac OS will be available in newest beta update. As newer Mac machines are all 64 bits, there will be only the 64 bit version left and it will not be shown in the download page like what we have for Windows. Click here for more info.

Source: Google