It has been months since the birth of OrGui Tech Blog and I had been enjoying the fun alone since then. Although I hope that I can do as much as possible on my own, the idea of forming a team was in my head for quite some time and I wish there are friends who can share the joy with me.

So I approached a friend of mine, Lee Keong, who had helped me in some behind-the-scenes stuff ever since I started this blog and he has agreed to join me. He knows a lot in computer software, hardware and he is great at programming too. In the future, I will continue to share my thoughts by writing and he would help me to manage the site and post something he likes too occasionally. Here’s what Lee Keong would like to share about himself.

Hi, Lee Keong in the house~ Technology is ever changing and ever evolving, in the 80’s who would have thought that touch screens would be so common now. As for me, I love playing games so keeping up with the latest processors, solid state drives, memory etc. gives me a good view on what to expect performance wise. I will also be managing the site when there is a new domain up and running.

It is my honor to have Lee Keong with me and we both hope that we can do better in the future.