Apple has launched its newest version mobile operating system, the iOS 8 last week.  In the update, not all features promised earlier in WWDC 2014 are being rolled out. One of the eye-catching feature, HealthKit has a major bug and Apple had decided to pull all the HealthKit related apps from the App Store. Apple was looking to address the problem and to add in some new improvement in iOS 8.0.1. However, things did not go as planned.


Originally, the 8.0.1 update was meant to fix the HealthKit issues and problems regarding third-party keyboards, Photo Library and the ability to restore ringtone from backups. There are some improvement on Reachability, the one-hand mode found on new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and also some bug squashing.


However, after installing the iOS 8.0.1, some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are facing problems getting cellular connectivity in their phones. The Touch ID sensor is not working as well. This is very serious and this time, Apple responded quick . They pulled the update and provided a workaround for the affected customers. They have to use iTunes on their computer to downgrade their device back to iOS 8. The support page from Apple is here. According to them, iOS 8.0.2 is on the way to fix the situation and it will be available in days.

The affected people is not much but this is the last thing any technology company wants to see; their devices made useless by software update. Seems that Apple has a lot of issues to be solved, including iPhone 6 Plus shortage and iPhone 6 Plus Bentgate.

Update: iOS 8.0.2 is live now! Seems to be fixing all the issues.