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iPhone 6 Plus Bendable, But It Shouldn’t Be

The iPhone 6 Plus is the larger brother of the 2 new iPhones launched this year. The sales of both models had just started in several countries last week with a record 10 millions unit sales over the weekend. However, some users have found one problem, their iPhone 6 Plus bends. The bends are found just below the volume buttons . The bends are very noticeable on iPhone 6 Plus due to its longer chassis. Most of the bends are not affecting the display. Everything is working except the body is bent. However if you overdo the bending, the glass will crack as it is not flexible.


So what causes the phone to bend? It seems that these affected users are placing them in their pockets, some in the front and some in the back. It should be the pressure the pants and the human body exerts on the phone that causes the phone to bend. iPhone 6 Plus is made of aluminium and aluminium is soft and malleable type of metal. It reforms easily with pressure of it. Accoding to Lewis Hilsenteger from YouTube Channel Unbox Therapy, the weak point is below the volume buttons. In his iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test video where he tried to bend the phone and succeeded, he applied pressure to the centre and the bending point is just below the volume rocker. On the opposite site where the power button is placed seems fine after the test.


This problem is not found on iPhone 6 Plus only. In theory, every phone made of aluminium will have the risk to be bent due to the mechanical characteristic of aluminium. I have seen news reporting iPhone 6, older iPhones and Sony Xperia smartphones facing the same problem. However, due to the length of iPhone 6 Plus, the moment of force will be larger and the effect will be more significant.

In Unbox Therapy Channel, there is a follow up video where Samsung Galaxy Note 3 goes through the same test and it survives. It seems that plastic phones are doing fine. So what can you do to avoid it? Put your phone in a bag instead of pockets and wrapping it in a case will help. What about not buying an iPhone 6 Plus? Seems to be a good choice too.

Source: Unbox Therapy


  1. Yeah it is not bendable I tried it by myself
    By the way nice post

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