Hi everyone! Here’s the ‘big thing‘ we promised earlier. We are proud to announce that we are moving to our own site, orguitech.com.

We had been using WordPress.com since the beginning and we felt that it was time for us to take a step forward. Therefore, we decided to obtain our domain and so that we can serve all our readers better. The decision was an easy one and we are happy to give our blog a new home. We have kept most of the things same in the new site while adding in some new things. We hope that all of you would like the changes. We are new on maintaining our own site and we would be more than happy to accept any feedback from you all. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section so that we can improve the site.

So please visit the new site and bookmark it! We look forward at what we can do in the future and we hope that you will be with us all the time. Your support will be our greatest motivation. Thank you very much!