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OrGui Tech Blog is 6 months old now!

Time flies. It seems like just moments ago since I first started this blog and now it is 6 months old. When I first created OrGui Tech Blog, I did not know what to expect and who knows how long we could stay passionate. Today, I am very happy that I am still writing and sharing my thoughts over here and the blog plays a great part of my life.

In this 6 months, I have got my partner, Lee Keong, to work together and we have reviewed 4 devices, some software and accessories. We are very lucky and I would say that we really have a good start. I hope we can achieve more and have the chance to do more reviews as the process is extremely fun. We are working on something big, at least for us, and we will be sharing it to everyone very, very soon!

Thanks for your support for these few months and we hope you will be with us in the future!


  1. Awesome step towards for a better future. You will have our support, keep it up! :)

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