iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been launched last month and they were made available in selected countries. They were selling like hot cakes, as usual, but there are no word from Apple on when will it come to Malaysia. Having people wanting the phones, naturally there are sellers who import the phone from other place to meet the demand. Typically, they will hike up the price, not just by a little. However, there are people who cannot wait any longer to own the new iPhones and they are willing to pay a premium for it. They can enjoy the phone earlier and have the bragging right. But is this a wise move? I don’t think so.



Crazy Price

The biggest reason for not buying the new iPhones from scalpers is the mark-up price. iPhones, like the other premium smartphones, are not cheap at all. The official price is not available yet but the basic 16GB iPhone 6 is estimated to be priced around RM2399.

However, I happened to ask around the shops but some of them quoted me around RM3000 for the same model. I feel that the price is totally insane as for the extra RM600, I could have travelled down to Singapore, one of the launching countries, to buy one for myself and I might have some extra money to have fun there. The Internet prices are much lower, but why should you pay more for a thing that is already expensive?


Not all phones are made perfect and that is why we need a warranty. But the warranty for iPhones are not global. You have to get it back to the origin country to have your phone serviced. Even you are willing to travel to where the iPhones are from, you will never know whether the vendor has done anything wrong which will void your warranty. You have to remember the device is not registered under your name while it is purchased from Apple or Apple authorised reseller.


No Chance to Try It

As the new iPhones are not officially here yet, it is quite difficult to find one to try unless you have people around you who are owning it. You definitely will not see it if you are buying from the Internet sources. Even if you are buying from brick & mortar stores, typically the phones are sealed and no demo units are available. The sellers usually will not allow you to touch the phone unless you are going to buy from them.

This is might be important as we know that the new iPhones have larger sizes, iPhone 6 at 4.7″ and iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5″. They are definitely bigger. If you are used to small phones like previous iPhones, you might dislike the size. Another thing is that the new design does not look really good on the computer renders and the photos, especially the thick plastic antenna stripes on the back. You might want to see one to decide if you like it or not before buying one.

They are Coming Anyway

The most obvious reason is not to buy from scalpers is that the new iPhones are coming, soon or later. I happened to visit an Apple authorised reseller and what I get from the staff is that they will be arriving before middle of November. There are chances for them to reach here by end of October too. So if they are coming soon, why take the trouble to buy from unsecured sources now? You might be able to show off your phones for weeks. After that you will see that the “special” phone you have is all across the street.


So my advice will be not to buy new iPhones for scalpers. This is not a cheap investment and you should not risk your money for no reason. Just stay calm and keep waiting.