deregister imessage

Apple has provided an easy way to disable iMessage so that they will not miss out text messages on their new phones. While this is a hot season to get yourself an iPhone as the new iPhones are launching in different parts of the world, there are still plenty of people moving away from it for different kind of reasons. However, some of them found that they are not receiving some of the SMS from other iPhone users. This problem is caused by iMessage where Apple will send your text to your friends via the Internet instead of using the service provided by telco. While it can save your some money in the past, the service will not stop even after you quit using iPhone since the system is actually not acknowledged.

deregister imessage 1

So informing Apple that you are not using iPhone anymore should solve the case right? It was not that easy previously, especially the phone is not with you anymore. You are lucky if your phone is still with you.  Insert your SIM into the iPhone and you can turn iMessage off in Settings>Messages>Turn iMessage off. If you do not have your phone, you would have to call Apple support or disconnect the device from your Apple ID previously.

deregister imessage 2

Now, Apple has made a official page for you to deregister your iMessage service. Simply enter your phone number and Apple will send you a 6-digit confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code and you are good to go. While I do not think that Apple purposely creates problem for people who stop using their iPhones, it is good to see that they are providing convenience for their ex-users. So if you had been using iPhone previously, you might want to have a look on this page. Who knows you are missing out some messages from your friends?