While scratches are bad enough, a cracked screen is the last thing we want to see on our expensive smart devices. My heart would skip a beat when I drop my devices accidentally every single time. How good would it be if the display are shatterproof? As an answer to that, Corning has announced the Gorilla Glass 4. Although it is not completely insusceptible to damage, it is a big step towards the correct direction.


While Corning was focusing on the thinness and scratch resistance in the previous iterations, Gorilla Glass 4 is all about damage resistant. Corning spent effort to investigate how the display glass break by performing numerous tests. They built a testing machine to simulate the real world drop on rough surface, where the front glass is more likely to break. From there, they perform failure analysis to improve their own glass.


With the help of the new testing method, Gorilla Glass 4 can survive up to 80% of drops from one meter while facing down. The result is twice better than competitive aluminosilicate glass, according to Corning. They also point out that soda lime glasses deployed in today’s commercial devices, fail almost every single test. Apparently I cannot verify their claims but one thing that bothers me is that they never mention the result of the previous Gorilla Glass. However, the ability of surviving 80% of the drops sounds pretty solid to me. One meter is quite some height for a drop so I guess this is fine.

Gorilla Glass 4 is not without competitors. Sapphire glass seems to be a great choice of material as it is the second hardest transparent material. Only the crazily diamond is harder than it so naturally it will be able to withstand some torture. Earlier this year, there are rumors that the iPhone 6 will sport a sapphire glass but it turns out to be false news. This is due to the fact that the yield rate for the production of sapphire glass are way below expectation. So, we do not expect to see it anytime soon so Gorilla Glass seems to be the best choice for manufacturers right now.


The new Gorilla Glass samples have been sent to manufacturers so we are expecting device that are protected by Gorilla Glass 4 to be launched early next year. So just cross your fingers and wait for them. Make sure you don’t try the toughness of the glass yourself. There are still 20% of chances to break it. You can click here to learn more about what is Gorilla Glass from our Know The Tech series.

Source: Corning