No operating system is perfect. That is why we need software updates to fix it. Apple has released iOS 8.1.2 to all devices that supported iOS 8. From the version number you will know that the update is relatively small. Apple even does not need another pop out window to show the change log. Apart from the much welcomed bug fixes, this update will restore the ringtones users bought from iTunes Store which were accidentally removed. To be honest, none of the people around me had ever bought any ringtones from iTunes Store and I felt that this update is pretty underwhelming for me.

ios 8.1.2

The package is only 16.1 MB for my iPad. Despite the small size, the update took 20 minutes to complete. I see no major problem after the update. The performance is about the same. However, the problems I had like the unresponsive third party keyboard are still there. It has been months since iOS 8 was released but it seems that the people in Apple are still struggling to fix it. Apple, give us more in new update, okay?