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Microsoft lets you control your Lumia during phone calls without touching the screen

Microsoft has released Gesture Beta, an app that enables the users to control their Lumia phones without touching the screen at all. Sounds futuristic and complicated? Using it is much simpler than you’ll ever imagine.

gesture beta video

These actions are all related to phone calls and you have the choice to enable or disable each gesture individually. These features are baked into the OS so you can use them easily. Flip to silence phone calls is already present in the previous OS update so it is not a new thing here.  There are four gestures that are supported right now:

  • Silence incoming calls when you place the phone face down on a surface
  • Answer incoming calls when you raise the phone to your ear
  • Toggle speaker mode during a call when the phone is placed face up on a surface or raise it back to your ear
  • Mute the microphone when  you place the phone face down on a surface during a call

Microsoft has made a short video to showcase all of these gestures. You can watch it to learn more about it. However, it is stated that lower end devices like Lumia 635, Lumia 630 and Lumia 530 will have limited functionality. You can download the Gesture Beta here. A restart will be required after the installation.

gesture beta

Sounds great right? In real life, the Gesture beta works as it promises. My Lumia 620 can support all the 4 actions with no problem. The only problem I have is that most of these gestures require a surface to be completed. For example, I cannot silence the incoming call by flipping  my phone if I am holding the phone. It has to be done on a surface. It works as described, but I hope that there will be more gestures to be added later for us to control the phone while they are in our hands. To be fair, this is still in beta and we hope to see more improvement in future updates.

Using gestures to control smartphones is not totally new but nevertheless it is welcomed here. I like them a lot and I think that it is a cool feature. This is something that I will really use in my daily life and I hope Microsoft will give us more surprises in the future. So do you like this, Lumia users?


  1. When I read the title of the post I thought about some 3D gestures above the screen to accept calls (showing thumb up), deny call (thumb down) end call (making a fist)… 😉

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