ios 8.1.3

iOS 8.1.3 has been rumored for some time and finally Apple has released the update to us today. All devices running iOS 8 will be eligible for this update.  Coming in more than 100MB (137MB on my iPad 3), this update is relatively large in size as compared to other 8.x.x updates. This update is all about killing the bugs in the codes. The changes listed in the log are:

ios 8.1.3 log

The reduced of storage needed for future updates will be much welcomed for devices with smaller storage option, although we always have the option to update the software via iTunes on PC. The other fixes are relatively insignificant but much welcomed, especially the multitasking gesture which refuses to work occasionally on my iPad. I found no issues after installing the update so I guess is it safe to go ahead. Have you update your device?