Dropbox is a popular choice when it comes to cloud storage. However, uploading files to Dropbox was not very convenient on iOS devices. You have to open the application, select “Add Files”, then navigate to the files you wish to upload. With the new update to the application, things are set to be simpler, if your device is running iOS 8.

dropbox upload

In version 3.7, the Dropbox application takes advantage of the Action Extension introduced in iOS 8 and allows us to save files directly to Dropbox. This means that you can upload your files directly from Photos and Notes. Adding files from other third-party applications such as Paper by FiftyThree and Microsoft Word are also possible right now. Here are the things to do to get the option:

  1. Update Dropbox application to the latest version.

  2. Go to Photos (or other apps with sharing option), select a photo and tap on Share button.

dropbox 1

  1. Click “More” in the bottom row (the row with gray action buttons).

  2. Turn on “Save to Dropbox”.

dropbox 2

  1. [Optional] Drag the “Save to Dropbox” option to the top if you will use this feature frequently

dropbox 3

  1. You are good to go!

dropbox 4

After that you will be able to upload your files easily without firing up the Dropbox app. Anyway there are few limitations here. If you select multiple files, you will not see that option. The uploading process will not be done in background too. I hope that these will be improved soon.

For Android users, you already have the feature for quite some time. It is great to see that Apple is leaving more freedom to developers with  iOS 8. We shall see how well the other apps take good advantage of the extensions.