Apple just officially announced the availability and the price for the Apple Watch (which ranges from expensive to ridiculous expensive for different options). Being a companion device, the Apple Watch needs to be paired with an iPhone. So, Apple is rolling out iOS 8.2 to add Apple Watch support to the iPhones. The new Apple Watch app will be available for pairing and syncing between the two devices. Customization of watch settings can be done from the app too. An Activity app will be there for Apple Watch users to check their fitness data.

ios 8.2

Not buying the Apple Watch? iOS 8.2 might still be useful to you. The Health app on iPhones has received some improvements and bug fixes. The stability of Mail, Maps, Music, VoiceOver and connectivity with Hearing Aids are enhanced too. Apple also addressed numerous bugs in this update. This will probably benefits most people as the iOS 8 has been buggy since its launched. You can click on the image below for a clearer look on the change log.

ios 8.2 log

You can get the update over the air in Settings, or you can update your devices via iTunes on your computer. While most might feel that iOS 8.2 update is meaningless and I really hope that Apple can do something to improve the performance of older devices, this update is really meant for Apple Watch. This is a necessary step for Apple for Apple Watch to work. As usual, we would suggest you to get the update for the bug fixes.