The audio jack connection we used on our devices is probably one of the oldest technology found on our devices. The guys from MAGZET is hoping to bring a change to that by making the audio jack connection magnetic. The idea is similar to the MagSafe power connection used by Apple on Macbooks and users can snap on their headphones to their devices easily. Now, they are launching their project on KickStarter to get more funding.


The idea is really simple. The MAGZET system is made of two parts, namely the MAGjack jack and the MAGkap adapter. The MAGkap will hold the 3.5mm audio jack on your headphones and the MAGjack shall be inserted into the 3.5mm audio jack on your devices. MAGjack and MAGkap are connected together by magnetic technology.


The result of this is that the magnets will align the MAGZET automatically and snap on easily. Gone are the days where we have to find the exact location of the port to use the headphones, especially in the dark. Using MAGZET also prevents your device’s jack from wearing out or breakoff. While it is pretty unusual, I did experienced that before and it took some time for my friends and I to remove the broken part out. In addition, sometimes we will forget we are wearing the headphones and we will just walk away and the inserted audio cable will pull the devices from its original location. You might break the device if it drops. If you have a few MAGjacks, you can change the headphones you are using between different devices easily.


While the MAGZET promises easier and safer way to connect headphones to different devices, there are a lot of things that are considered. First of all the audio quality will not be sacrificed. The functionality of the headphones such as adjust volume, usage of microphones and answering calls will be available too. If you leave the MAGjack in your devices, your devices will not mistake it as a pair of headphones. The phone can still ring until you snap on the MAGkap. You can watch the video below to understand it better.

So if this is already working, why does MAGZET need your money? It appears that they need more funding to miniaturise the design so that it will be more user-friendly. They also need some custom tools for manufacturing. The extra fund will also allow them to buy components in a large volume to drop the price. If you decide to back their project, you can choose between different rewards. Do take note that the cheapest BASIC kit is limited and you have to act fast. The shipping fee is not included in the price and you have to pay more for that.



I really like the idea of the MAGZET. It is unintrusive and you do not have to change the devices and the headphones you have currently. Although we have not tried the real product, I feel that the traditional audio jack is really dated and the MAGZET seems to be the correct way forward. I really hope that the MAGjack will be integrated into future phones and a MAGkap will be given for the headphones we already have. I will be happy if this is the future of audio jack connection.

The price for it might be a little higher given that the final design is yet to be published and MAGZET is a -nice-to-have product rather than a must-have product. But we are looking at an innovative idea and if you have a little spare cash to support the new technology, I will definitely recommend you to back this project.┬áMake sure you visit MAGZET’s KickStarter page for more info!