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Xiaomi 5000mAh Mi Power Bank Review: Much Thinner, Charges Faster

The inside

While the battery capacity is slightly lower compared to the older 5200mAh Mi Power Bank, the power output efficiency has been increased, resulting in a very similar amount of charge found in both versions of Mi Power Banks. Xiaomi gurantees that there should be a minimum of 3300mAh actual output and from our testing, we are getting slightly more than it. We are able to get around 3500mAh to 3600mAh of charge out of the 5000mAh Mi Power Bank with different devices.


In case you wonder why you are not getting 5000mAh of charge, here’s the reason. The 5000mAh of charge is stored in the power bank at 3.7V and when it is used to charge the other devices, its voltage will be converted to 5V and there will be a conversion loss too. Xiaomi claims that the conversion rate is 93% for this power bank. So here’s the calculation: 5000mAh x 3.7V/5V x 93% = 3441mAh. So what Xiaomi claims on their site are valid.


The 5000mAh Mi Power Bank has a USB charging port rated at 2A. The current rating is higher than its predecessor, which is rated at 1.5A, and you can expect faster charging of your devices from it. It still supports bypass charging, which means that the power bank can charge other devices while being charged simultaneously. This is useful when you have limited power sockets.


Mi Power Bank is really cheap, but that does not mean that the safety precaution designs have been compromised. It has 9 layers of circuit chip protection and you should stay assured that your devices will not be damaged. The same could not be said if you are buying a fake unit, so please be very careful when you are buying power banks and charging accessories. Buying from the official source would be a smart choice.

Should you buy it?

With the price of RM34 per unit, it is a power bank that I would recommend if you are searching for one. The price is the same with the older 5200mAh Mi Power Bank (after the price rise due to the drop of Ringgit) and I do not know what more can I ask for. However, if you already have the old model, there is no need for you to buy this newer model unless you feel that yours are too bulky.



At first glance the obvious improvement in the 5000mAh Power Bank over its predecessor is the huge reduction in the thickness. While it looks much better aesthetically, it really helps to make it more portable. The charging speed of the output port has been increased too. I am really glad that nothing has been compromised to make the power bank thinner. The power bank still has a respectable actual output and it is as safe as ever. If you are buying a power bank, please consider this seriously.


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  1. you can buy it online for $15 with free delivery

  2. Will this also charge my 12″ Macbook Retina? If yes, how much will it juice it up?

    • Macbook 2015 comes with 29W USB C power adapter. You will need micro USB to USB C adapter to charge it and the charging will be extremely slow. I couldn’t recommend you to do this.

  3. Hi, roughly how many times can a fully charged 5000 mah charger charge a phone, example iPhone 6?

  4. powerbank seeker

    12 July 2015 at 9:36 am

    Thanks for your very useful review. What do you think of charging the xiaomi 5000 with those portable solar charging panels…rating is 5W. Will it degrade or damage the battery with the low and inconsistent charge due to weather?

  5. how many hours to first
    charge a new mi 5000mah power bank

  6. How much time it will take to charge a Moto G and also as it is very rare to find can you suggest me some similar best Powerbank

  7. I have found that after 2-3 months for light usage, these powerbanks always can’t hold a charge. I have bought about 3 replacements powerbanks, but the same things keeps happening. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Hi, where did you buy the power bank? If you are buying from the official sources and they are not holding charge, you can claim the warranty since it is just 2-3 months only.

  8. Hello, is it safety enuff if i use it to charge my iphone5 like once a week? I mean i heard that if you use powerbank too often your phone battery will become puffy(?)

    • It is safe. If the powerbank has good quality and enough safety features, charging your phone with it is totally fine So make sure you buy from trusted sources only.

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