On this day last year, I had posted the first article on OrGui Tech Blog and that is how I started this journey. Today, we are proud to tell everyone that OrGui Tech Blog is now one-year old!

one year

One year is not a long time, but a lot had happened since then. I am grateful to get a partner to join me for this blog. Then we moved to our own site later. We had posted more than a hundred of articles and that include a few device reviews. Sometimes these works were tiring, but I really had a lot of fun through the process, especially doing those reviews. I started this blog just because I am very interested in mobile technology. I am surprised that I am still so motivated to write on this blog, especially as I am quite busy with my own university stuff.

Of course, without the support from readers like you, I guess we will not achieve so much. The help from people who are willing to provide us devices to review is extremely important to get this blog going on.  I dare not say we had achieved a lot right now, but I really hope that this blog will be better in the coming year. There are a lot of things that we still need to learn so that we can improve the quality of the content we produce.

Thanks again for your support and I hope that you will be with us in the future!