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Xiaomi Redmi 2 Full Review: Cheap doesn’t mean bad

5. Conclusion

So should you buy it?

The Redmi 2 costs you just RM449 RM399 and it is really cheap. But should you buy it? If you are going to buy a phone right now and your budget is really limited, the Redmi 2 is a choice worth considering. It is definitely good enough for normal usage if gaming and multitasking are not your priority. It is friendly to first time smartphone users too as it has the Lite Mode and the cost of trying is not that high.

The Redmi 2 is an excellent choice if you do not want to spend more and you cannot afford to wait anymore.

The Redmi 2 is an excellent choice if you do not want to spend more and you cannot afford to wait anymore. If you are not in a rush to buy a new phone, I would suggest you to wait for the “enhanced” version (We have no idea when will it be available or if it is ever coming or not though).  If you can raise your budget by a little more, there are better choices too. If you can afford to pay more, you can have a more powerful device that provides better user experience.

[Update] The Redmi 2 Enhanced with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage is now available officially in Malaysia. It is priced at RM459 while the price of the lower-end Redmi 2 is reduced to RM399. Given that the price difference is so small, we would highly recommend you to get the Redmi 2 Enhanced as it really solves the two major problems faced by the original Redmi 2, namely slow performance and limited storage.


Here are some choices for your consideration. If Android is your choice of platform, the Honor 3C we reviewed last year cost just RM50 more and it has 2GB of RAM while the other specifications are quite similar. The extra 1GB of RAM makes the user experience much better and smoother. The Meizu m1 Note is priced at RM699 but it has a larger 1080p display, 2GB of RAM and better at the rest of the specifications. If you are willing to try Windows Phone, Microsoft does have some solid options for you which are priced below RM500, such as the Lumia 535 and the Lumia 532.

If you already have a working phone with you right now and you wish to get a new phone, take note that there is a high chance that your phone will be better than the Redmi 2. So you might need to compare your old phone with the Redmi 2 carefully so that you will not get a downgrade instead.

The Good

  • Very Affordable Price
  • Good display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Dual SIM + LTE support
  • Camera performance exceeds expectations

 The Bad

  • Limited storage
  • Subpar performance due to insufficient RAM
  • Software requires improvement


The Redmi 2 is designed to make smartphone accessible to people with limited budget. Keeping the cost as low as possible is the main priority while designing the phone, so there must be some aspect of the phone that is compromised. Fortunately, I think that Xiaomi has done a great job to provide a complete package with such a low price. The display is providing a good viewing experience and the camera is one of the best you can find among all devices with similar price. The simultaneous dual SIM and LTE support found on the Redmi 2 is still an uncommon feature, even among pricier devices.


The phone can be slow if you throw too much work to it due to the insufficient amount of RAM. In lower end devices, the software has to be optimized so that it can harness the full power out of the limited hardware. This is the part where Xiaomi fails to deliver and we hope that it will be fixed in future firmware updates. The fact that only less than 4.5GB out of the 8GB of storage is available out of the box will limit the amount of apps you can install and this can be frustrating.

I think that the Redmi 2 definitely worth every penny you spend on it, or even worth more than that.

Nevertheless, these problems are pretty common in budget devices and the Redmi 2 is not the lone culprit. I think that the Redmi 2 definitely worth every penny you spend on it, or even worth more than that. It is one of the best phones you can get with a price lower than RM500. Of course you can get better devices with a higher budget. However, if your budget is just this much, Xiaomi Redmi 2 is definitely the one to be considered.

Test Note

This Xiaomi Redmi 2 is loaned by a kind friend from MyCY Store, which is an online store selling accessories for various phones and tablets. You can get removable back, cases, screen protectors and other accessories for the Redmi 2 or other devices over there! This unit is actually an imported phone from China, but Global ROM (the same ROM used by Malaysia units) has been flashed on it during the review process. So it has the same hardware and software like the units sold officially in Malaysia.


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  1. Hi. You actually can have the recent app with screenshot like. Just do the pinch gesture the recent apps. It should pop up the screenshot mode and minimize mode likewise.

  2. my brightness is not changing

  3. Hi, do you know that the proximity sensor often gives problem. The screen is off when receiving calls and making calls, thus unable to switch off after conversation.

  4. Hi Yan
    Bought a new redmi 2 yesterday. Only bad thing I am having is, the auto rotation feature.
    Even you switch off this feature, the screen goes tilted. And I don’t use auto rotation very often.
    Can you suggest any trick or app or something to force switch the rotation off?
    Its made like that…. :)

  5. Yan Daun
    Can You Suggest Me To Buy And i have 3 Doubts
    1 ) This Android phone
    2) This Phone Comes With ear phones And Connectivity Is Thier To Connect Head phones
    3) In This Phone Has Apps Menu

    • Hi Yan Duan here. Do you mean the Redmi 2? It’s running Android. It does not come with a pair of earphone but you can use any earphones you have as long as its using 3.5mm audio jack. The user interface has no apps menu.

  6. Hi Yan Duan, I have a few questions about this device:

    Have u experience any kind of lag on the phone/UI when running intensive task, such as heavy multitasking and switching between apps or running some heavy apps like Facebook? (Does this phone have RAM management problems?) About the camera, does the photos taken with this device on auto mode have a warm, yellowish ‘filter’ over it and do u think it is a problem or con? Because a lot of other reviewers say that this is the case. One last thing, how long does the device take to charge from like 0 or 10% to 100%? Because I heard that the Redmi 2 has Qualcomm quick charge 1.0. I just want to know the overall performance and experience with this device because I am planning to buy it. Thanks 😀 (Hope that was not TOO much to read 😉)

    • Hi Dylan, we didn’t have the device with us since the review period is over. What we can share is what we experienced during that time and it may or may not be accurate at this moment. The phone did have RAM management problem during our review. 1GB of RAM is not enough so that is why we highly recommend the enhanced version with 2GB of RAM. For the yellowish photos, unless you are comparing between different cameras, it is likely that you will not notice it. It was not a big problem, at least for me. Qualcomm QuickCharge 1.0 is actually not worth mentioning at all. We didn’t have the exact number for charging time but it is just normal. Not too slow but not fast either.

      Hope that helps!

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