It is hard to deny that most of us are very dependent on services provided by Google. Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Photos are just some of the services we used. Even though we know how important the security and the privacy are, managing settings for all these services are extremely troublesome. The fact that the services are intertwined and Google did not make it transparent enough really stops most people from checking the settings properly to protect themselves. Whether that was intentional or not, Google is changing that. Right now, you can control the settings for various services right in a huge, huge hub.

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The new “My Account” hub is accessible at and it consists of three big sections, i.e. Sign-in & security, Personal info & privacy and Account Preferences. The first section will allow you to control the way you sign-in and the account recovery options. The devices and applications that are connected to your Google account will also be shown in this section. There is a Security Checkup wizard to help you if you are not sure where to start.

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The second section is where you can edit your personal details and change how Google use your data. You can allow or disallow Google to save a history of your usage pattern in different services like Maps, Ads and YouTube. These records will help Google to understand you better to provide you more relevant content but you are not comfortable with it you can opt against it. Again, there is a Privacy Checkup wizard to make your life simpler.


The last section is Account Preference where you can set up the language and accessibility options. You can pay to expand your Google Drive storage here. This is the place where you can delete your whole Google account or remove one of the services from your account too.


A lot of people are deeply concerned about how Google collects and manages their data. If you are one of them and you wish to know more about that topic, Google has a web page ready to answer your questions. You can visit the page here.


Google has made it easier for us to control our privacy and security settings and now the ball is at our feet. I would strongly advise you to have a look over the My Account hub for your own good. In case you still feel that there are too many things going on, which is not surprising at all, at least go through the Security Checkup and the Privacy Checkup wizards. They are straight forward and the process is fast. Don’t be lazy!

Source: Google Blog