Apple’s Lightning cable is well-received due to its compactness and reversibility while plugging in. However, its durability fall shorts of expectation and there were tonnes of complaints regarding breaking cables. Lightning Saver is an accessory launched under Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which aims to solve the problem. So does it work as it promises?


Packaging & Installation

Usually our Lightning Cable will break at base of the connector and left the internal wires exposed. Lightning Saver is an accessory to protect that weak point. The packaging of Lightning Saver is a little disappointing to me. The plastic bag reminds me of the packaging of gummy bears. The instructions were printed on the back of the plastic. However, given that how simple it is, I guess you don’t really need it.


It is made of 2 parts. The inner part is soft rubber so it can absorb impact while restricting the cable from twisting too much. The outer layer is made of hard plastic where it will hold the soft rubber together while shielding the cable from external damages. The inner part is white but you can choose the colour of the outer layer according to your taste.

Installing it is really simple. Put the inner part at the base of the connector. One end of the inner part is wider and the other end is thinner so it can fit the shape of the cable. Each half of the inner part is connected horizontally. For the outer part, you should connect them vertically, which means that the opening of the inner and outer parts are 90º apart. Of course, you have to install Lightning Saver at both end of the cables.


Does It Work?

Well, my Lightning cable did not showing any sign of wear at the first place as I am quite careful with it. However, with the Lightning Saver installed, I did feel more confident to treat it more carelessly. I tried to bend the base of the cable and it did seem to hold out better at it will not be twisted at very tight angle.


While I am quite happy with the improved durability, the Lightning Saver sometimes will slip out of its place. It will not happen very frequently, but I think that it shouldn’t happen at all. Fortunately, the outer plastic part hold each other tightly so you do not have to worry about them separating after using it for some time.

Should You Buy It?

The original Lightning cable will cost you RM79.00 ($19 in the US) so it makes sense for us to give it some protection. Right now, a pair of Lightning Saver will cost $2 (around RM8), which is much cheaper as compared to its price during the Indiegogo campaign. However, the shipping to Malaysia will cost you $5 (around RM19). Given that the shipping is more expensive than the product itself,  you might want to share the shipment with your friends and family. The price will go down too if you buy in bulk. Since the price is quite affordable, I really recommended you to purchase the Lightning Saver to protect the expensive cables.


Of course, there are other cheaper DIY solutions widely shared on the Internet but they are not as elegant as the Lightning Saver. So if you really care about aesthetics and you don’t mind spending a little, Lightning Saver will be a good buy. If you really, really want it but you want to save more, there are clones in the market too. Shortly after the campaign made public, the counterfeits reached the market very quickly. They are available for around RM5 for 2 and the quality is very similar. I really hope that you would respect the original designer but anyway the choice is yours to be made.


Other than Lightning Saver, there are EarPods Keepers and Magsafe Saver which are designed to protect your EarPods and Macsafe cable. They cost $6 (RM23) and $3 (RM11) respectively. EarPods Keepers are more expensive as it can be used to keep the cable tidily without tangling while giving the same kind of protection.


I think that it is weird for us to buy an accessory to protect another accessory. Apple certainly need to do something about the durability of the Lightning cables. Or is it their strategy to sell more cables? I have no certain answer.

Test Note

The Lightning Saver is loaned by a kind friend from MyCY Store, which is an online store selling accessories for various phones and tablets. You can get removable back, cases, screen protectors and other accessories over there!