6. Conclusion

The Good

  • Nice and comfortable design
  • Decent display
  • Smooth performance
  • Upgradable to Windows 10 Mobile, Future proof
  • Special features like Glance Screen & Motion Data
  • Powerful camera software with Rich Capture & Dynamic Flash
  • Great micro SD storage expansion support
  • Affordable Price

The Bad

  • Small scratches on the front and back
  • Poor front-facing camera
  • Limited apps on Windows Store


As you can see from the pros and cons above, there aren’t a lot of bad thing about the Lumia 640. The mediocre front facing camera matters a lot for selfie lovers but if you are not taking photos of yourselves frequently, this might not mean a lot for you. You can use a case and a screen protector to protect your phone to prevent the scratches. The applications limitation might be a true deal breaker. Even though almost all popular titles are available, I would suggest you to check if all the applications you are using regularly can be downloaded from the Windows Store before you make the decision. Do take note that there are some third-party apps which are functioning well too if the official apps cannot be found.


If you can accept these compromises, you have a very all-rounded smartphone in return. It looks and feels nice. It has a good display too. Forget about the specifications. Even though the processor and RAM looks limited on paper, the performance is smooth and almost everything runs without any hiccups. You don’t have to worry about battery life and storage. Microsoft also promised that the phone can be upgraded to Windows 10 later, so you don’t have to worry about it being obsolete in coming months.


The Lumia 640 also has a few features to stand out of the crowd. It has SensorCore to collect Motion Data for tracking fitness, which is extremely rare among budget devices. Glance screen allows you to see the time and the notifications with the phone locked. The Rich Capture and Dynamic Flash found on the Lumia Camera app are really practical and useful, plus you cannot find them even on flagship phones from other brands.

Lumia 640 is a good choice as it scores a great balance between features. design and price.

That being say, Lumia 640 is a well-designed, feature-packed phone. Even though it does not really excel in any part, during my review period I never felt that I was using a low-end device at all. It is clearly one huge step above other low-cost Lumia phones like the Lumia 5XX and Lumia 6XX series.  You can grab one at around RM630 right now and I think that Lumia 640 worth every penny of that. If you don’t prefer Windows Phone, then you really have to look elsewhere. If you don’t have a platform of your choice or if you are considering a Windows Phone right now, Lumia 640 is a good choice as it scores a great balance between features, design and price.

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