4.0 Verdict

Coming back to the question: Is there any space for the Flash 2 in the market? My answer will be yes, the Flash 2 can give other affordable phones a run for their money. The low price is definitely the main reason why you should consider this. However, by this time you must realize that there are a lot of affordable options in the smartphone market too. So why exactly should you choose the Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 over the rest?

The Good

  • Affordable Price
  • “Stock” Android
  • Solid Display, Performance and Battery Life
  • Bundled with free accessories

The Bad

  • Uninspiring Design
  • Software needs some polish


First of all, the phone is running “stock Android”. This cleaner version of Android might have lesser features as compared to other phones, but what you get in return is faster performance, less bloatware, more free storage and a consistent user interface. Most phones within this price are running heavily customized version of Android. So if you value purer Android experience, the Flash 2 is really one of the cheapest options you have.


Secondly, the display, battery life, storage, performance and camera are not shabby at all. If you are looking a phone for the basic things, the Flash 2 is certainly capable of handling those tasks. If you are expecting more power and better camera, you have to look somewhere else, but you probably have to spend more money.

The last reason to consider this phone is the accessories included. I know this might sound a little stupid, but people who are considering this phone are the people who want to spend less on smartphones. The included accessories such as flip cover and screen protector will save you some money. If you factor this in, the price is even more attractive.


Of course, the Flash 2 is not perfect. The design is not the nicest and whether you can accept it is highly dependent on your taste. There are glitches on the software side and you will need to pray that Alcatel OneTouch will deliver the fixes through software updates. The display glass is not Gorilla Glass so you probably need to give extra care to it to avoid scratches or any falls.

If you are willing to spend more, of course there are much better choices out there. If you can live with these compromises and you have a limited budget, the Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 is definitely one of the choices you should consider. It is very likely that it will serve you well unless you are demanding too much on it. The Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 might not be the flashiest, but at least it is a solid offering.

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