4. Performance & Pricing


Although we mentioned that the Surface 3 was not recommended for graphics intensive work, that does not mean it is under-powered. It can handle 1080p Youtube videos, real time streaming such as Twitch, and some older games with no problems or lag. We tried playing some older modern games such as Team Fortress 2 or Warcraft III which ran rather smoothly but required the lower video settings which wasn’t really enjoyable for gaming.

Task Manager

Some graphics intensive games such as Asphalt 8, causes slight lag on the highest graphics settings. There is also a noticeable lag when typing on Facebook in Microsoft Edge which is weird due to the relative ease on which the Surface 3 performed other tasks. I decided to use the Facebook app instead because of this problem. Overall though, the Quad Core Intel Atom x7-78700 processor did a good job since it kept a good balance between battery life and performance.


As for pricing, the prices listed on the Microsoft Store are:

  1. $499 USD (RM 2143.93) for the base model (2GB RAM/64GB storage version)
  2. $599 USD (RM 2573.57) for a RAM/Storage upgrade (4GB RAM/128GB storage version) OR a 4G LTE version
  3. $699 USD (RM 3003.22) for the 4GB RAM/128GB storage version AND 4G LTE

Before you ask, no, 4G LTE versions are not available in Malaysia as it is tied to a contract with US Telco companies AT&T and Verizon. After a survey in local stores, most stores prices are:

  1. RM 1999 for the Surface 3 base model (2GB RAM/64GB storage version)
  2. RM 2399 for the RAM/Storage upgrade (4GB RAM/128GB storage version)
  3. 4G LTE not available locally.

Take note that the Type Cover and Surface Pen are sold separately.

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