5 Verdict

So why exactly should you get a Surface 3? We list the pros and cons below.


  • Great display
  • Runs Windows 10
  • Free Office 365 for one year
  • Battery can last almost a whole day of use
  • Accessories make it convenient and fun to use
  • Very versatile as a tablet or laptop


  • Average cameras
  • Type Cover and Surface Pen sold separately
  • Still quite expensive for a budget range model


The Surface 3 is definitely a tablet to consider, mostly because it runs Windows 10 making it a thousand times more versatile than your normal Android/iOS tablet. Need to work with Android apps? Use Bluestacks. iOS apps? Well, yeah there is an iOS emulator as well called iPadian. Nevertheless, Windows 10 does allow users to work with Office documents on the go with more ease. Laptops are fine, but if you’re not planning to carry a heavy item around, then the Surface 3 is a good choice. A closer comparison would be to compare the Surface 3 to Ultrabooks. Both of them are nearly equal in terms of portability and functionality, so the question would be which form factor suits your tastes more.

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