The Honor 5X has a 13 megapixel main camera with f/2 aperture and 28mm lens plus a single LED flash beside it. The front-facing camera is a 5MP shooter with 22mm lens, which is wide enough to fit a lot of people in the frame.


The stock camera application looks almost the same with the one you find on iPhone. While you might be unhappy with the copycat work, at least the simple interface works quite well. You also can snap a photo directly when the screen is off by double clicking the volume down button, although that often result in a unfocused photo.


You can swipe on the viewfinder to toggle between Photo, Video, Beauty, Good Food and Time-lapse mode. There are some other modes such as panorama, HDR, slow-mo and others hidden in the hamburger icon on top. These modes are pretty self-explanatory, except the Good Food mode which just set the color saturation to a higher level and the temperature to be warmer. All Focus mode allows you to select the point of focus after taking the photo. There is no pro or manual mode in the Honor 5X, which is not a great deal as you won’t get a lot from it with the unimpressive camera hardwares.

While the simple interface works as you expected, what matters the most is the picture quality. From what I have seen, the photos taken is exactly what you expected from a device with this price. Under daylight, the 13MP is able to capture a healthy amount of details. Some of the times, the colors are a little saturated, especially the blueness in the sky. It might not be totally accurate, but the rich colors really make the photos to look attractive. That being say, the camera on the Honor 5X performs well on good lighting like most of the devices out in the market. With sufficient light it is not hard to snap impressive photos.




The challenge comes when the light is dimmer. The dynamic range is somewhat limited and the details are lacking in the shadow. When you are taking photos of the night scene, it is obvious that the output is a mess. The noise is noticeable with a slight zooming-in. The camera also seems to have a hard time getting a good photo in indoors during night time. For example, the chocolate fountain also blend into the dark background. In darker place, the camera seems to get the white balance incorrectly. Yellow lights often turn into a much cooler color in the resultant image.






Of course, this is totally expected as there is no OIS and the image sensor is not big enough to capture adequate light. The camera is certainly far from touching the flagship levels but considering the price you paid, it is not disappointing. Well, at least you can get good photos during day time. Here are some sample pictures and you can click on them to look at the full size image.

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