Huawei has enough experience to design a budget device. Using that as a foundation, Huawei added in some premium features such as the metallic build and the fingerprint scanner to make the phone more appealing to the masses.


As a result, the Honor 5X is really a solid phone. It got every basic thing right to make sure there is no deal breaker. So should you buy it? If your budget is really tight and you just want a phone that works, you definitely have cheaper choices like Honor 4X or Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2. However, if you feel that the metallic build or the fingerprint scanner is a valuable feature for you, it is certainly worth to spend a little bit more for it.

However, if you are expecting the Honor 5X to be a powerful phone, you will let yourself disappointed. The performance and camera are two areas that Honor 5X did not excel and the gap between modern flagships and the Honor 5X is huge. If you are expecting more, it is sad to say that you might need to fork out more cash.


The Honor 5X is neither the cheapest phone nor the most powerful phone in the market, but I think the Chinese company has struck a nice balance between the two. There aren’t a lot of compromises made to build this phone. This is certainly a phone that you should consider if you are searching for a phone right now. If you pick this, chances are you will be happy with your purchase.

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