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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Third Time’s the Charm

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note series has always been a great choice if you are looking for a budget friendly phablet. How Xiaomi kept the Redmi Note standing out in the extremely congested market is quite simple: delivering more while keeping the price down. But the original Redmi Note and the Redmi Note 2 are not without their flaws. The Redmi Note 3 is Xiaomi’s third attempt so we are going to find out if the Redmi Note series has finally matured or not.


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Surface 3 On Windows 10 Review: The Tablet for Every Situation

The Surface 3 was launched in May 2015 by Microsoft and is the successor for the Surface 2.  It is a 2-in-1 tablet still designed for portability. It does well with lightweight work but its not really something to consider if you need to do graphics intensive work on it. It is smaller and less powerful than its Surface Pro brothers but still marketed by Microsoft as a tablet that can replace your laptop. So the big question is it a worthy alternative to many other tablet choices out in the market such as the iPad? Or even in general laptops for that matter?

DSC04641 - Copy

For this review, we’ll be using the full experience available for the Surface 3 minus the dock, which is using the type cover and Surface 3 Pen. The Surface 3 we received is running Windows 10 which was upgraded from Windows 8.1. This marks that Microsoft is giving priority to the desktop experience while maintaining the mobile features available. This is reflected in Windows 10’s Continuum, where Tablet Mode is the replacement for Windows 8.1’s mobile style of user interface design.

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The Affordable Redmi Note 2 Looks to be a Powerhouse

After waiting for months, finally Xiaomi Malaysia is bringing their Redmi Note 2 to our shores. As the name suggested, it is the successor of the popular Redmi Note. It is priced at RM649, which is quite a fair price considering our weak currency exchange at this moment.

redmi note 2 pic1

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Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book: First Impressions

It’s that time of the year where Microsoft and Apple unveil their latest products and innovations, which really sparked a lot of interest and hype for the new upcoming devices. Today we will be focusing on Microsoft’s Surface Series which definitely made many people’s mouths water. I am talking about the Surface Pro 4 and its laptop counterpart, the Surface Book. Now if you haven’t heard of these devices definitely check them out as they offer many new features which are very impressive. Note that both of these devices run Windows 10 and have all the features you would expect from this OS namely Cortana, Continuum and Microsoft Edge.

Surface Pro 4

When the Surface series started it didn’t really do very well as compared to Apple’s iPad series although they were different category of devices. Surface was designed to be a mobile replacement for a computer while the iPad was primarily a tablet mobile device. But since then, it has steadily gained ground in the “replacement for a desktop department” and performed quite well with the Surface Pro 3. Now, the Surface Pro 4 looks to be a worthy upgrade (with a bigger price too!)


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Good news everyone!! OrGui Tech Blog is having a giveaway to thank you for your loyalty and support. Just take part in our contest and stand a chance to win an ASUS 9600mAh ZenPower powerbank which we have reviewed recently.  To join, you just need to like our Facebook Page and share the post with #orguitech! More details below:

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Windows 10: To wait or not to wait? That is the question.

With Windows 10 release date drawing closer on July 29th, we have a look at the top reasons you might want to get this immediately or just let the early adopters iron out any bugs while you are safely in your Windows 7 or 8.1 machine. Note that the July 29th release date is only for Windows Insiders, people who are already beta testing Windows 10. Everyone else has to wait for Microsoft to make it available to them via the Windows 10 reservation system. So when the option is available for you to upgrade to Windows 10, do the benefits outweigh the risks?


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Xiaomi USB Portable WiFi Review

mi wifi review

While WiFi connections are getting more and more common these days, there are still places that can only provide reliable Internet connection over the Ethernet port. With poor or the total absence of WiFi signals, much of our mobile devices will be quite useless. Therefore, using a computer with a stable Internet connection as a WiFi hotspot is certainly a good idea. There are a lot of software which utilize the WiFi module present in the computer to share the connection. However, some of them can be quite unreliable or expensive. So here’s where the Xiaomi Portable WiFi plays its role.

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Xiaomi’s Redmi 2 Officially Launched, Specifications and More

Xiaomi’s first smartphone for the year 2015, the Redmi 2 is now locally available at RM 449 but only in white. So what does the entry-level phone has to offer? We have a look at its specifications and how it fares in the market.

xiaomi redmi 2 pic

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The new ASUS FonePad 7 FE171CG is here

ASUS has released a new iteration of its FonePad 7, the FE171CG. This comes as an improvement over the entry level FE170CG and if you missed the previous reviews, here are some links to guide you:


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8 New Developments About Windows 10 Right Now

Last week Microsoft held the second event for Windows 10 and more details about the new operating system has been unveiled. This previous unveiling of the Windows 10 OS was more to a technical preview while this event was closer to a consumer point of view. In case you missed the previous preview, you can read it here. So, what else did Microsoft reveal? Here are 8 of the most notable things that we learned from the event:


Windows 10 is Upgradable for Free

The most important announcements of the event was that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for a year for anyone who already owns Windows 7 and Windows 8. This means that you have one year to upgrade your devices after the new Windows is launched, free of charge. This is a great move by Microsoft in convincing more people to try out their new operating system (OS). To be more specific, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10. However, Windows RT will not receive the upgrade and will instead receive  parts of the new features only.


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