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LG G Flex2: Curving to Stylish Design

Whenever we think of smartphones, a rectangular box like shape usually comes to mind. LG’s G Flex series is certainly a step away from that convention. With a curved body and screen, it is definitely not your everyday smartphone. Now, the G Flex2 had been announced. According to LG, the  design of the curved and flexible phone is now “sleeker”, “more stylish” and is the phone that goes with anything. The G Flex2 boasts the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, a 13MP rear camera and a 3000mAh battery.


The first G Flex phone had a very large screen at 6 inches and it was just too uncomfortable to hold. The G Flex2 has learnt from its predecessor’s mistake and now its size has been reduced by half an inch which is good but it remains to be seen if it is suitable for Asians as the hand size in this part of the world isn’t very large. The G Flex 2 has a height of 149.1mm with a 75.3 mm width and 7.1-9.4 mm of thickness making it smaller than its predecessor. Its reduction in size has also caused it to be lighter and it weighs at a comfortable 152g.

lg g flex 2 curve

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Windows 10 Technical Preview: Better than 8?

If you have been using Windows 8 and didn’t really like how the desktop experience worked, you can now get the Windows 10 technical preview. The preview is to collect feedback from the users so that they could build an OS that people want to use. Be warned though, the site says that the early build might be unstable and you could end up losing all your files. Removing it isn’t a straightforward affair either, you’ll need a recovery disc for this process. Our advice for you is to install the preview on secondary machine or through virtual machine.

windows 10

Why is this release called Windows 10 instead of 9? Some theories state that the number 9 is unlucky in Japan and since Microsoft has a strong presence over there, they would want to skip this number. Another theory is that some developers coded their software to check for Windows 95 or 98 by looking for the number 9. Whatever it is, Microsoft certainly isn’t telling, with Windows chief Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore joking about how “seven ate nine”.

Now that we’ve got that straightened out, lets get to the juicy bits.

Metro apps


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Lumia Denim update for Windows Phone brings Cortana voice activation, 4K-quality video & more [It’s here!]

Microsoft’s latest Denim update introduces improvements for its Lumia lineup like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 to follow up with the previous Cyan update. As usual, the Denim update from Microsoft Mobile is for Lumia phones only and the update is built on top of the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. More specifically, it introduces the Lumia Camera to replace the Nokia Camera and improvements to Cortana along with the new features introduced in Update 1 too such as Live Folders and Apps Corner.


Although the Lumia lineup is quite famous for its excellent camera, they were let down by the long waiting time that occurs when starting the app and snapping images. This update addresses this issue by increasing the speed of starting the app and picture to picture shots.

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Say Goodbye to Windows 8, Windows 9 Beta Releasing, Expected to Launch in 2015

How many of us just bashed Windows 8 when it came out? The interface was an experimental build to create a mobile device style design for desktops, however, consumers all over the world hated this sudden change. They managed to put so much pressure on Microsoft that they had to bring back the Start Button back in the Windows 8.1 Update 1, although it will not bring up the legacy Start Menu anymore. With Windows 8 losing more and more market share, Microsoft are looking to set things right with Windows 9, codenamed “Threshold”.


The preview is suggested to be released the earliest in late 2014 with its full release in April/May 2015, while other reports suggest that Microsoft is delaying the release in order to update Windows 8.1. The delayed preview is suggested to be in Q2 of 2015 which will lead to a full release in Q3/Q4 of 2015. The beta will give Microsoft much needed feedback on its latest OS, with 4 to 6 months in between the beta and the final release to fix major bugs and add or remove features.

Pricing model

There are many speculations on how Windows 9 would be priced, with some saying that there might be a subscription based model instead of a one time purchase. Since this would mean that the base cost would be less, short term wise it could attract more people to try the operating system rather than commit to it with a huge sum of money.

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