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Giveaway from OrGui Tech Blog! Stand a chance to win a ZenPower powerbank from ASUS [Winner Announced]

Good news everyone!! OrGui Tech Blog is having a giveaway to thank you for your loyalty and support. Just take part in our contest and stand a chance to win an ASUS 9600mAh ZenPower powerbank which we have reviewed recently.  To join, you just need to like our Facebook Page and share the post with #orguitech! More details below:

So what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and join! We wish you all the best!!

[Winner Announced]

Time’s up! We have a winner now. Congratulations to Jaya Prithivi Raj !!

OrGui Tech Blog is One-Year Old !!

 On this day last year, I had posted the first article on OrGui Tech Blog and that is how I started this journey. Today, we are proud to tell everyone that OrGui Tech Blog is now one-year old!

one year

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OrGui Tech Blog has moved to !

Hi everyone! Here’s the ‘big thing‘ we promised earlier. We are proud to announce that we are moving to our own site,

We had been using since the beginning and we felt that it was time for us to take a step forward. Therefore, we decided to obtain our domain and so that we can serve all our readers better. The decision was an easy one and we are happy to give our blog a new home. We have kept most of the things same in the new site while adding in some new things. We hope that all of you would like the changes. We are new on maintaining our own site and we would be more than happy to accept any feedback from you all. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section so that we can improve the site.

So please visit the new site and bookmark it! We look forward at what we can do in the future and we hope that you will be with us all the time. Your support will be our greatest motivation. Thank you very much!

OrGui Tech Blog is 6 months old now!

Time flies. It seems like just moments ago since I first started this blog and now it is 6 months old. When I first created OrGui Tech Blog, I did not know what to expect and who knows how long we could stay passionate. Today, I am very happy that I am still writing and sharing my thoughts over here and the blog plays a great part of my life.

In this 6 months, I have got my partner, Lee Keong, to work together and we have reviewed 4 devices, some software and accessories. We are very lucky and I would say that we really have a good start. I hope we can achieve more and have the chance to do more reviews as the process is extremely fun. We are working on something big, at least for us, and we will be sharing it to everyone very, very soon!

Thanks for your support for these few months and we hope you will be with us in the future!

OrGui Tech Blog Welcomes a New Member and We are a Team Now

It has been months since the birth of OrGui Tech Blog and I had been enjoying the fun alone since then. Although I hope that I can do as much as possible on my own, the idea of forming a team was in my head for quite some time and I wish there are friends who can share the joy with me.

So I approached a friend of mine, Lee Keong, who had helped me in some behind-the-scenes stuff ever since I started this blog and he has agreed to join me. He knows a lot in computer software, hardware and he is great at programming too. In the future, I will continue to share my thoughts by writing and he would help me to manage the site and post something he likes too occasionally. Here’s what Lee Keong would like to share about himself.

Hi, Lee Keong in the house~ Technology is ever changing and ever evolving, in the 80’s who would have thought that touch screens would be so common now. As for me, I love playing games so keeping up with the latest processors, solid state drives, memory etc. gives me a good view on what to expect performance wise. I will also be managing the site when there is a new domain up and running.

It is my honor to have Lee Keong with me and we both hope that we can do better in the future.

OrGui Tech Blog is on Twitter Now!

Hey! It has been more than 2 months since I started this blog and I am truly happy of my decision of starting it. I enjoyed blogging about what I like a lot even though I had been quite busy.

I decided to create an account in Twitter as a medium to share my posts. You can find me @orgui_tech in Twitter now and feel free to follow me to get new updates there! You can like my Facebook Page too.

Know The Tech 001: The Start of the Series

How often we come across technical terms when we try to understand our devices or when we want to purchase a new device? They might be totally alien to us and this can be frustrating. Certainly we do not want to waste money on undesired things. Regretting of purchase will be the last thing we want to face. Being able to know more about the technology behind the devices will help us to make a smarter choice, or to fully utilise the devices we own.

So I decided to start this series – Know The Tech .

When I started learning these stuffs I had a headache too. Therefore the motivation behind this series is to let us learn more about techs together. In this series I will try to break down and explain techs in simplest way possible so that everyone can understand. I always believe that tech sites are not for tech-savvy people only. Everyone should be able to join the community and share the fun!

 Stay tuned for future posts and like my Facebook page so that you can know when I have new post. Cheers!

About This Blog

My interest towards current trending technology started 2 years back where I need to search for a laptop for university. I am an electronics engineering student and my field of studies offered me a chance to look at these technologies at different perspective from an end user. The more I learned from all the lectures, the more I am impressed by those innovations and creation which can make lives better. As time goes on, my interest does not fade and reading tech news is part of my daily routine now. Reading reviews from different tech sites have broaden my view towards different things and I hope I can have the ability to share my thoughts on the newest gadgets or innovation with anyone interested. And this is why I am here right now.

This site will be driven by my own interest and I will share whatever I am interested in or what am I using. I own a Windows 7 Asus A43SV laptop, an iPad 3 and a Nokia Lumia 620 currently and you shall expect topics regarding Windows, Windows Phone and IOS from me in the near future until I get my hands on different things. Some general topics regarding technologies will be shared if I find it interesting too.

The vision of this blog is to provide a platform for Malaysians to learn more about the technologies before they spend their hard earned cash on it or to make the most of their gadgets. This will be a long way to go but I would try to reach my target even I understand that it takes time and effort.

About the name? Its just for fun. So this is the little story behind this blog and I would try to update as frequent as I can. Kindly drop any feedback if you feeling to do so. Thanks and  wish you a very good day! Cheers! =)

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